Desperate Families Purchasing Homes After Interest Rate Increase

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Everyone is in a hurry to purchase a house right now since interest rates are rising in California and might go substantially higher in the future. However, the process of purchasing a property cannot be rushed very quickly. There are many different stages to take, and each one requires its own amount of time. This prompts the question: how much time does it take to purchase a home?

From the time you start looking for a house to the time you actually close on it, the process typically takes between four and six months. Even while it seems like a long time, it might really be shorter or longer based on a number of different variables, such as how selective you are about where you live, how competitive the market in your area is, and a number of other things.

Take into consideration the fact that the majority of mortgage pre-approval letters have an expiry period of 30, 60, or 90 days. It is recommended that you negotiate for a duration of ninety days so that you have a cushion in case the whole procedure takes longer than expected.

Peruse the Available Real Estate Listings

Check the listings every day, and create online alerts that will notify you when new properties become available that match your requirements. Now comes the exciting part: looking through available properties on the market. Checking a website that compiles the feeds of multiple listing services, like®, is the best way to ensure that you are viewing all of the listings that are currently available as well as the most recent ones.

Make sure that you narrow your search by price range, location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other amenities that are must-haves for you in order to identify the houses that are the best fit for you (e.g., a large backyard, fireplace, or home office). Check the listings every day, and create online alerts that will notify you of newly listed homes that fit your requirements as soon as they become available. Always keep in mind that time is important in this very cutthroat business.

Three Days to More Than Three Months on Average

You can get a pretty good feel for a house even before stepping foot inside it thanks to the virtual tours and 3D renderings that are included in many real estate listings nowadays. This is a tremendous time saving, and although some buyers may even be comfortable making an offer without ever having physically seen the property, the majority of buyers will utilize virtual tours as a tool to narrow down their list of potential properties to view in person. Once you have found those prospective buyers who are worthy of consideration, you should inform your real estate agent so that they may arrange showings of your house.

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Do you plan to purchase a house? Make your search as specific as possible in order to locate the house of your dreams.

Organize Open House Visits

Have you fallen in love with a house that you saw online? Don’t put off going to see it till the weekend if you can help it. Make rapid contact with your agent and do all in your power to pay a personal visit to the property on the same day.

In every state throughout the country, the average amount of time a property spends on the market before being purchased is only 34 days. This is much less time than it ever has been in the past. According to the statistics provided by, this is nearly a full month less time than was available before the COVID-19 epidemic took hold. If you are house-hunting in a market that favors sellers and has high demand but a limited supply of available houses, you could even see properties go under contract within a day or two after their initial open house if the market is competitive.

Three Weeks to More Than Three Months on Average

Although she notes that “first-time buyers typically do have a longer search time for a home, and it’s because of the price point they’re typically in….” Jessica Lautz, vice president of demographics and behavioral insights at the National Association of Realtors®, estimates that the current average time spent looking for a home is eight weeks. It has a price point that is more reasonable for the customer, [but] there is less product available on the market.

It is possible that first-time homebuyers may encounter intense competition and be drawn into bidding wars, both of which have the potential to push up the purchase price or exclude them from contention.