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The Property Records of California offer a wealth of information on property ownership, sales history, and other details that can be useful for anyone involved in real estate transactions. By accessing these records, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions about buying, selling, or investing in properties in California.

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Property Records of California

For many years, thousands of homeowners have turned to the Los Angeles California company Property Records of California for their property history reports. Property Records of California home and business reports offer detailed summaries that help families make the final decision to buy a home. Each report is generated when ordered giving the potential homeowner the tools necessary to close the deal. The report includes a copy of the most recent deed, along with foreclosure activity, demographics, crime report, and much more.

For families that are interested in home buying, and sellers wanting to sell their homes, having the most accurate up-to-date real estate information is essential. The report also helps families by showing how the property has changed over the years, and how the home remodeling changed the property value (if any). Unfortunately, many online sources are outdated and or unreliable, which usually results in unusable data.

Property Records of California has proven to be one of the most valuable online sources for home buyers and home sellers for the past 10 years. The tools have been used thousands of times across the United States for over a decade. Commercial and residential owners can both benefit from this service due to it being versatile. All the property owner would need is a valid address of the business or house and the agents at the Property Records of California would get to work by generating and putting together all the data available. Property Records of California has worked with clients all across the state from Southern California in the San Diego area to up north to Sacramento. 

Property Records of California’s detailed homeowner’s property packet is certainly impressive. The data provided helps homeowners and home sellers better present their property when it comes to selling. A title also known as a deed is a legal document that lists the legal owner of the property. The owner holds legal rights to do any changes to the house or building as they wish. 

Property History Report: You will receive the most recent property history report includes various useful information on the neighborhood, previous owners, sales history, major renovation history, and much more. Homeowners need a property history report to protect themselves which is an important source of verifying information. The data that has already been filed with the local clerk's office is included in the Property Records of California data. 

Criminal Activity Report: Let’s be honest most criminal activity reports only focus on major crimes like murder, manslaughter, assault with intent to kill, and others but never report smaller crimes that residents want to know about for example arson, grand theft auto, burglary, petty theft, and others. A criminal activity report will show the hot spots and areas where crimes have occurred in the last 6 months. The highlighted areas in the map will indicate the locations that need to be avoided. 

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Residential and Commercial

Do you need to know the history of a house or business building you are thinking of buying? Look no further. You only need this property profile report. Clients can obtain a property profile report for any commercial business in the state of California; no job is too big or small. Clients will obtain a copy of the deed from Property Records of California as well as a detailed property report. 

Property History Report

Our property profile report is formatted in a clear, concise manner that presents all of the essential details about the property in a logical order, making it simple to read and comprehend. An overview of the property's attributes, including its size, age, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any noteworthy features or amenities, comes first in the report.

The location of the property is then described in more detail, including how close it is to local services like public transportation, schools, and shopping. The history of the property's ownership and any liens or mortgages still in effect are also covered in the report. In conclusion, our property profile report is an invaluable tool for anyone curious to find out more about a specific California property.

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Property History Includes:


• Demographics

• Crime Report*

• Foreclosure Activity

• Finance Records

• Property Value

• Mortgage Records

• Releases

• Title Transfer

• Copy of the Deed*

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Property Records of California helped my family and me find the right home that fit our budget. The demographics graphs along with the data painted a clear picture of what to expect when it came to the neighborhood. The foreclosure section was able to let me know how many foreclosed homes were in the area over the past few months. I highly recommend this service to anyone that is planning to buy a home for the first time.  

Brad S. Reynald, 42

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California public records are any documents or pieces of data that are made available to the public for review and copying. Court records, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and property records are just a few examples of the information contained in these records. These public records are kept and preserved in California Recorder's Office. This office is usually in charge of recording and filing legal documents like deeds and mortgages, and it is typically situated in the county to which the records pertain. You can find your local Recorder's Office next to city hall.