Unexpected Indications That You’re About to Purchase a Home You Will Gradually Grow to Despise

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Are you about to purchase a home? In order to assist you in thinking about the floor plan first, we posed a question to a few designers as well as other specialists, asking them to provide us with some warning signs of bad house design. When you go house hunting in the future, keep an eye out for the following freebies. This is what the professionals refer to as excellent “flow,” and they can recognize it when they see it. On the other hand, for the typical buyer of a property, it may be difficult to see at first sight. Fixing issues with the flow might be prohibitively costly and difficult to do in certain cases.

Purchase a Home: The Front Door Faces a Wall When it is Opened

  • The front door looks out onto a wall
  • When you open the front door, you are met by a wall

When you enter a house for the first time and the first thing you see is a wall upon opening the front door, it might give you a feeling of being hemmed in and claustrophobic very instantly. That suffocating atmosphere follows you even if you go a few steps and then turn to find a doorway leading to a larger area nearby; it is impossible to escape it.

According to Jennie Smith, co-owner of Purchase Property 4U, it is pleasant to have a view of the rest of the house when you first enter a property, even if it is a peripheral view or partly concealed. “When you first enter a home, it is wonderful to have a perspective,” “The foyer ought to tease you with glimpses of what more is there; it ought to make you want to come in, see more, and remain for a while.”

There are certain front doors that open up specifically to reveal a coat closet. Putting the coat closet to the side might be a better layout, so consider doing that.

The Entrance Door is Positioned Such That it Faces the Stairs

It may be unsettling if, after opening the front door, you are instantly met by a flight of steps. After performing an action and arriving at a location, you are immediately sent to another location before you have even had a chance to orient yourself properly. What’s the deal?

According to Smith, an entrance that leads straight to steps creates the impression of more labor. “Like, I’ve just gotten home after a really long and draining day at work… “and the last thing I want to have to do is to have to plod up these stairs. Think about it, if anyone wants to purchase a home they need to put in work”

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It’s also a massive feng shui no-no. If there is a staircase in front of the front door, this creates a channel for the positive energy and luck that is contained inside the property to go directly out the front door.

According to Elena R. Carter, an architect at Curbio as well as the construction project supervisor for the company, “Sometimes we have the capacity to flip the final two steps of the staircase and create a wider entryway space.” “Another alternative would be for us to investigate whether or not there is the possibility of moving the entrance door to an adjacent window opening so that we may redefine the entry.”

The Halls Are Far Longer Than They Need to Be

The amount of square footage that you, the homebuyer, are acquiring is affected by the length of the corridors, yet these passageways do not provide any practical value to you. Think about whether the traffic flow is being helped or hindered by the long hallway you have. Ask yourself, as Caulfield instructs you to do, “Are there closets along that corridor that might be shifted in order to redefine the circulation?”

According to Smith, depending on the lot, there may be instances when extensive corridors are unavoidable. We construct on properties that are often quite long and very narrow in Chicago. We suggest installing shelves, extra storage, and closets, as well as windows, in order to make the most efficient use of the area.

Do you plan to purchase a house? Make your search as specific as possible in order to locate the ideal residence for you. The restroom for visitors may be found just inside the front door. Having a powder room in close proximity to the front entrance is another entryway design flaw to avoid. Why? Because you don’t want the first thing your visitors remember about your home to be the bathroom. Other sites that are not ideal for a guest bathroom include directly off of a dining area or in the middle of a bedroom.