Renovated Historic Breakers Hotel and Ocean Center Building Announce Opening Dates

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Two historic buildings in Downtown Long Beach, the Breakers Hotel and the Ocean Center Building, are set to reopen after undergoing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of renovations by Pacific6 Enterprises, a group of investors headed by John Molina. The Breakers, built in 1926, and the Ocean Center, built in 1929, are both located on Ocean Boulevard and have undergone renovations costing nearly $200 million and $80 million respectively.

The Breakers is set to reopen as Fairmont The Breakers, a luxury boutique hotel, in January 2024, while the Ocean Center has been converted into luxury apartments and is set to open on May 1. Amenities for both buildings include modern appliances, rooftop terraces, and private fitness centers. The reopening of these buildings is expected to elevate the guest experience and provide jobs for over 230 full and part-time employees.

Breakers Hotel History

The Breakers Hotel is a historic landmark located in Long Beach, California, and has a fascinating history that dates back to the early 20th century. This hotel has gone through many changes over the years, but it has remained an important part of the community and a popular destination for tourists.

The Breakers Hotel was originally built in 1926 as a luxury hotel for wealthy vacationers. It was designed by the famous architect, Myron Hunt, who also designed the Rose Bowl and many other notable buildings. The hotel was built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, which was popular in California at the time. The hotel was situated on Ocean Boulevard and had stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

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During the early years, the Breakers Hotel was a popular destination for Hollywood stars and other celebrities. The hotel was known for its luxurious amenities, including a private beach, a swimming pool, and a restaurant that served gourmet cuisine. The hotel also had a ballroom where guests could dance to live music and enjoy a variety of social events.