Los Angeles City Council Voted to Expand Renters Protection Deadline


The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to expand protections for renters, heading off what advocates had feared could become a wave of evictions before the city’s long-standing COVID-19 anti-eviction rules expire on Jan 31. The vote underscores the growing political might of the council’s progressive bloc, which successfully championed a more aggressive set of policies.

Los Angeles City Council Lays Out New Tenant Rights and Evictions

The new legislation is also widely viewed as a victory for tenant rights advocates. The new policy will establish a minimum threshold for eviction for tenants who fall behind on rent and require landlords to pay relocation fees in some situations in which a large rent increase would result in the tenant’s displacement, landlords will no longer be allowed to evict tenants unless there is unpaid rent, documented lease violations, owner move-ins or other specific reasons. The new policy will also block evictions until February 2024 for tenants who have unauthorized pets or who added residents who aren’t listed on leases.

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