Hidden Home Selling Fees and Costs You Shouldn’t Ignore (VIDEO)

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The costs of selling your home can vary from location to location. Unfortunately selling a home is not as easy as listing it on the real estate market and getting paid, there is a good amount of paperwork that goes along with selling a property. The cost of your home might not be what you have in mind when you’re ready to put your home on the market. Keep in mind that selling a home is not all profit, selling a home cost money too, and sometimes lots of money. Here are a few hidden expenses that home sellers should be aware of.

Repairs Needed on the Home Before Selling

Repairing a home can quickly add up, if you let repairs add up you might have to hire a contractor or handyman to fix the issues. This will usually cost a few hundred dollars if not thousands. Some small repairs can be ignored but it’s better to fix the issues that need to be repaired so the property value won’t drop. If you get cheap in this process homebuyers are going to catch on to this and look somewhere else. If you don’t have the money to make the repairs it’s best to lower the asking price and have the new homeowners fix the issue. Repairing a roof costs an average of $20,000 as of 2022, but it only values around $14,0000 in resale value. This means that it has an average of 72 percent return on investment.

Photography of the Home

Professional photography of homes doesn’t come cheap but is important when it comes to selling property. The majority of home buyers make their purchases by searching online first and photos are the first thing buyers look at first. The key is to make the home the most appealing possible so hiring a professional photographer is required. The average cost of professional photos ranges from $500 to $1000 depending on the location of the home and the size. Depending on the photographer some may include retouching while others won’t.

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Curb appeal plays a big part in selling a home, this is what gets homebuyers in the door to view the home. Online reports show that keeping up with your landscape can raise your property’s value by 11 percent. The average cost of landscaping can cost a homeowner around $3,000. Of course, this can vary on the size of the property and what it may include like tree trimming, grass cutting, plants, flower beds, and more. You can save on landscaping costs by doing some or all of the work yourself.