5 Home Interior Design Trends That Are Taking Over in 2023 (VIDEO)

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The new home interior designs for 2022 are exciting to many homeowners and apartment renters. These are not only new trends for your home these are designs that anyone can put together with things that you can find at Walmart, Target, and even at your local thrift store. Plain white walls are out and the vintage rundown look is back in style and it looks better than ever. Here are the latest and greatest home designs:

1. Vintage and Rundown Look

Vintage and old-looking interior designs are in for 2022, do-it-yourself trends have been hot for many years but in 2022 thrift shop items have hit their peak. Second-hand items are not usually just junk like many people think. Thrift shop items are not only retro or vintage some items can be worth big bucks. Most of the items found in yard sales or vintage stores are not sold in stores anymore so they’ll be unique to other items other people might have in their homes.

2. Plants

Plants are not only a great way to give your home a great look they also make your home look fresher. This trend started a few years back but there has been a rise to having plants in 2022 everyone is going green. Interior designs don’t have to be all about having the latest new things you can literally pull a few plants from your garden and have your garden inside your home.

3. Big Windows and Natural Light

Bring in the light with big windows and natural sunlight. Big windows not only let natural light in which reduces the cost of electricity, but it brightens up living space. Natural light has been such a big trend in 2022 that many homeowners have even translated to new construction. Remodeling where the window motto is “the bigger the window the better”.

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4. Pet-friendly Environments

Pets are not only our best friends pets are like family. Home renovation companies are seeing an increase in pet-friendly renovations like water stations. Tap-friendly water faucets, and even custom pet rooms.

5. Relax Mood Bedrooms

The relaxing mood bedrooms are big this year, many homeowners are going with the hotel-style feel by swapping their old beds for large frames and big mirrors to give it the stay-cation mood. You can have a vacation-at-home feel by just upgrading a few things, this is interior design at its best.