6 Weekend DIY Projects That Will Change Your Home Appearance

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Are you sick and weary of looking at the same old furnishings and decorations in your home? We are familiar with the sensation. But makeovers don’t have to put a dent in your budget and they don’t have to take months and months to finish. If you have a plan and execute it well, several DIY projects may completely alter the appearance of the rooms in your house in a matter of hours. We have compiled a list of some of our most recommended DIY projects for you to choose from in the event that you have some free time this weekend, and are interested in giving your house a makeover without breaking the bank, or both. The following are six life-changing endeavors that may be accomplished in a single weekend.

Makeover Your Interior Doors

Changing the style of the inside doors in your house is one of the simplest methods to update its appearance (just have a look at this seductive teal design that was published by @studiobka). Refreshing old, simple doors may be done by either adding trim and new paint or by refinishing them in whole new color and design.

Jenna Smith, owner and designer of Jenna Smith Studio, had this to say about painting interior doors or trim: “I truly enjoy the glamourous change a space can take when painting it.” “Adding a lovely splash of color in any place could not be easier with this straightforward method.” In the event that you are unaware of the sort of finish that is already present, it is imperative that you consult with an expert in the field of painting before purchasing any paint.

Give the Bathroom’s Wall Covering a Facelift

In the same way that the doors in your interior may make or break the appearance and feel of your space, a bathroom backsplash can have the same effect. You are in luck since it is simple to replace the old tile with a new tile, and the result will be something that appears just as professional as the design that was displayed on @cementtileshop’s account. DIY projects can go along way when done right.

According to Sheingold, modernizing the backsplash in a bathroom is an excellent way to add texture and flair to the space. If you pre-measure and create a layout plan before you even buy the tile, you may save yourself from having to make any strange or difficult cuts. Are you looking for a method that is much more straightforward to renovate your backsplash? Stick-on tile is a better option than traditional tile since it eliminates the need for scraping and grouting.

Replace the Hardware in the Kitchen

In need of a speedy solution that will immediately bring the look of the whole kitchen up to date? A simple DIY project that will give your kitchen a brand-new look at a low cost is to replace your outdated hardware made of nickel with hardware made of burnished brass, as seen in this post by @armacmartin.

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According to Jane Prizer, director of marketing at Hausera, “Installing new hardware in a kitchen is the quickest and least costly method to alter the overall appearance and feel of the area.” “When it comes to the kitchen, hardware is sometimes compared to jewels. Cabinet hardware, faucets, and lighting can create a complete and cohesive aesthetic in the kitchen. Just as accessories are used to bring together an outfit, these elements may do the same thing.

Construct a Brand-New Headboard

If you want to give your bedroom a new look without breaking the bank, you don’t have to buy expensive wallpaper or a brand-new platform bed. In point of fact, if you want to imitate this rustic-chic style, which was created by @thehousethatdiybuilt, all you actually need are a few wooden planks and a little bit of elbow grease.

According to Sheingold, “This is a very cost-effective method to modernize your bedroom.” When compared to the price of purchasing a brand-new, ready-made headboard, the cost of the materials is so much lower that you’ll feel proud of your efforts.

Install Some Shelves Made of Rope

This is the perfect DIY project for the weekend. A rope shelf is a light and airy solution to attractive storage that does not take up too much room on the walls. This beautiful display was created by @rachel Metz and features some of Rachel’s work. The greatest part is that it is fast and simple to set up, so you can use it to display things like photographs or books.

According to Sheingold, “Extremely simple and easy to accomplish, the most essential element of this execution is to make sure that everything is secured appropriately for the amount of weight it will bear,” and he describes the process as “very simple and easy to execute.” “If I were you, I would recommend shelves that are lightweight and made of MDF or hollow shelves should be used for this. In addition, you should strengthen the roof if you plan on adding more than a few volumes.

Install a Brand-New Bench in the Foyer of Your Home

Instead of purchasing a new seat for your foyer that costs hundreds of dollars, create one yourself. Use the wood fragments that are left over after dismantling old furniture, or go to a lumberyard and pick up some new pieces of wood.