The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program: A Vital Tool for Veterans’ Homeownership

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The VA home loan guarantee program has been providing support to veterans for nearly 80 years. This program is recognized by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as a crucial resource for veterans seeking to purchase homes. It provides a centralized, affordable, and accessible method for veterans to purchase homes as a benefit for their service to the nation.

NAR is dedicated to working with the VA to improve the program and make it more accessible to eligible veteran borrowers. Currently, the VA imposes limits on the fees that veterans can pay. This protects veterans, but it can also place them at a disadvantage in competitive bidding situations or when purchasing Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. NAR is working to ensure that veterans are not forced to pay unnecessary fees, while still allowing them to purchase the home they desire.

Expanding Access to Care: The VA’s New Initiative for Suicidal Veterans

Real estate professionals can become certified as Military Relocation Professionals (MRPs) through the Property Records of California, to better assist military homebuyers and help them find the best housing solutions and take full advantage of available benefits.

Starting on January 17, 2023, U.S. military veterans in suicidal crisis will have access to free emergency medical care at any Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility or private facility. Unlike most other medical benefits, veterans do not have to be enrolled in the VA system to be eligible for this new benefit. This policy will include up to 30 days of inpatient or crisis residential care, and up to 90 days of follow-up outpatient care, with no copays or fees required. If a veteran receives care at a private facility, the government will cover the costs, including ambulance rides to the hospital.

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Supporting Those Who Served: The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program

The VA is dedicated to the well-being of veterans and is committed to saving lives in crisis. With an estimated 9 million veterans not enrolled in medical care, but potentially eligible for care, the new policy ensures that all veterans in need will have access to free, world-class emergency health care, regardless of enrollment status. The VA remains dedicated to addressing the critical issue of suicide among veterans and is focused on making a positive impact in the lives of those who have served our nation.