The Los Angeles-based company Property Records of California provides a wide range of services to assist homeowners and real estate professionals in understanding the legal status of a property and any outstanding issues that may affect it. One of the services they provide is property tax information. This service allows homeowners to view their property taxes and any outstanding tax liens on their property.

The property details report is yet another service offered by Property Records of California. The property’s size, age, and any updates or renovations are all included in this report’s thorough description. It also contains details about previous owners of the property, including any unresolved liens or other matters that might have an impact on the title.

The company also offers a comparables report, which allows real estate professionals to compare a subject property to similar properties in the area. This report includes information on the size, age, and condition of similar properties in the area, as well as their sale prices. This can be useful for determining a property’s value and for setting an appropriate asking price.