How To Get A Property History Report

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A property history report provides information on the value of a home, its location, and other details that can help homebuyers, homeowners and investors determine whether it’s the right neighborhood for them.

Find Out What Kind of Property History Report You Need

There are two main types of property history reports available: market analysis and valuation. Market analysis reports show how much homes in a neighborhood sell for, while valuation reports give buyers a detailed breakdown of the price per square foot. Homebuyers, homeowners, and investors can also find reports that combine both methods.

Market Analysis

The market analysis report is part of the property history report that breaks down what properties in the area have sold over time, as well as provides information on recent sales activity. They’re great if homebuyers want to know whether or not it makes sense to buy a home right now.

The data is sourced from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which has been providing real estate listings since 1995. The MLS is an industry-wide database that contains detailed property information about every single listing in the country. It also includes contact details and other relevant information such as price history, square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.


If you’d like more detail than a general record can offer, then a valuation summary might be just what you need, this summary is also part of the property history report. These reports include all sorts of useful information, including the average sale prices of similar properties in the same area, the current asking price, and even the estimated value of any improvements you make.

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Anyone can get a property history report by clicking here for only $99, you’ll save money because you won’t have to pay for shipping. The property profile report includes a paper copy of the deed. At this time the service is only available for California residents only.

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