From Do Not Call to Opt-In: Best Practices for Contacting Potential Clients

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), created in 1991, originally aimed to protect consumers from the growing number of telemarketing phone calls and faxes. Since then, the law has been amended and expanded to include text messages and pre-recorded voice messages. The 2015 amendments further defined the law in relation to SMS messaging. Telemarketing messages are defined as those made for the purpose of encouraging the purchase, rental, or investment in property, goods, or services. To comply with TCPA regulations, obtaining consent is crucial when reaching out to potential clients. Opt-in and opt-out language must be clear and easily understood, with recipients given an easy option to unsubscribe.

Navigating the TCPA: A Guide for Businesses and Consumers

The Do Not Call Registry, which falls under the Federal Trade Commission, enables citizens to register their home or mobile phone free of charge. While this doesn’t eliminate calls from all organizations, it provides a way to report organizations who disregard the registry.

The real estate industry has evolved dramatically in the past decade, with new trends and strategies emerging. Outdated marketing strategies, such as cold calling, are no longer effective. Instead, agents should focus on using online platforms, email, text campaigns, and social media to reach potential clients. Always selling can come off as pushy, so agents should focus on providing valuable content that solves problems or teaches something to cultivate an audience before targeted selling.

The Evolution of Real Estate Marketing: Trends and Strategies for 2023

Traditionally, real estate marketing efforts were concentrated on the spring and summer seasons, but the internet has made listings more accessible, and many buyers are now looking to purchase in less competitive periods. Child-free buyers are open to purchasing any time of the year, and incentives like home buyer rebates have made buyers more likely to shop around throughout the year. Therefore, agents should consider the entire year as a potential rush and focus their marketing efforts accordingly.

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